We're just days away from revealing one of the biggest kept secrets in the area when three stars grace the stage of the Secret Star Acoustic Jam at Proctors on Sunday.

The stars of the Secret Star Acoustic Jam will be introduced one by one, each taking a moment to interact with the crowd, then performing one of their many hit songs. The key to that interaction is you, the audience-both at the concert and at home.

Before introducing each star, our WGNA radio staff will be reading questions tweeted in by attendees and listeners and each star will answer those questions before revealing themselves to the audience.

The questions are like clues: maybe you want to know where the stars were born, or if they've ever collaborated with another top artist? Maybe you just want to ask them what their hair looks like and that will give the answer away?

Get a head start and tweet your question in now! Tweet your full name, town and question @WGNAFM and make sure you use the hashtag #WGNASecretStar.

Not on Twitter? Head on over to our Facebook page and drop your question there.