Being probably the worlds worst scared-ee-cat, I started mentally listing the TV shows from the past  that used to make me shiver in me boots!  Let's see if you agree (hope you're old enough to remember these!) 

Nite Stalker! (This is the Pilot!)


The Original Twilight Zone Series with Rod Serling

How about  Night Gallery? (Another Rod Serling scarefest!) (P.S.  This episode was Steven Spielberg's Directorial debut!)


The X Files. Great Show.This scene actually featured Lily Tomlin

And we'll wrap this up with my favorite, because it was the tamest-the Original Addams Family, with THING, Morticia, the whole 9 yards!!    Here's an entire episode for you!

Well, there you go, folks.  My personal top 5. What were yours?  Would love to know!  Enjoy watching these, and have a safe and happy Halloween