I am trying very hard to understand this. I think the fact that this girl was forced to wear a sweater while doing her job is ridiculous. We could argue about whether this dress "makes sense" for a morning newscast, as yes, it does look a bit like a cocktail dress, but I am having a very hard time seeing that it is in any way too revealing.

I just don't understand why we have such trouble with a woman looking attractive on the TV News. If this was an example of people e-mailing saying "Hey, that overweight weather girl shouldn't be wearing that dress because she is too big to pull off the look", the internet would go nuts. People would say, "who are you to judge?" So, we can only judge attractive people and make them feel bad about themselves?

Leave the pretty people alone! It's not their fault they look good, and it's not their fault we look like average, everyday slobs. If it's not OK to be judgemental about people's looks, it's not OK either way.

So, lets see what went down on KTLA in L.A. this weekend:

UGH! How dare she wear a nice looking dress that covers everything that needs covering? During the break the staff read "mean tweets" and e-mails from viewers.