A deal on a new TV for the Big Game...I'm in!

I am sure I have shared with you my love of watching TV and my love of sports.  So, why wouldn't I take this opportunity to buy a new TV for the Superbowl?  Well, I am not sure I need a new one, but you might want to replace your old TV!

With the Superbowl airing this week, retailers are discounting televisions like crazy!  Walmart and Amazon are offering some of the best deals on televisions that range from 32 inches to 65 inches in size!


Amazon is offering the TV's to Amazon Prime members including FREE shipping with delivery by Friday Feb 5 (if you order today, Feb. 3)!  Just in time to have it set up and ready for the game!

Walmart is offering same day store pick up on the TV's.  Make sure you double check this before purchasing!  Shipping is FREE as well, but the TV will not make it to you in time for the game.

To get all the details on these TV deals, check out Andrea's Coupon Club!  Let me know if you get one!