The first thing I  think everyone wants to know is if Sugarland have broken up,they have not. I even asked Kristian today when he visited us at WGNA if there is any bad blood there and he assured me there wasn't. They are just both in a break from their album schedule and have like many other artist realized they just can't stop creating.

I will admit though when I heard Kristian was coming in today I almost didn't even make it. I was pretty busy and while I have always known he is an amazing talent as a song writer and musician, I really wasn't sure he was a singer. I guess though when you have a girl like Jennifer Nettles to sing your songs why would you do it yourself right? Well it turns out not only can the guy sing, he sings pretty darn well!

SO why we wait for more Sugarland music I think it's pretty cool that we still get to enjoy some of the great song writing that Kristian has to offer. It seems that his upcoming album is full of great music. I for one am pretty excited about it.

So before I play for you the album's title cut, "Southern Gravity" from today's WGNA garage session (I really love the song... it reminds me very much of Van Morrison, who I love) I think you should check out the song that is his first release from the album, "Trailer Hitch".

Right? Well now we know the dude can sing. Now even though the quality isn't the same fact maybe not great at all I'd love to share this video from today's garage session, this one is called "Southern Gravity" and I can't wait to hear it on the album!