Four big movies in the box office this weekend. Everything from racing snails, to ghosts to ex spies. 

First stop in the Trailer park this week is the first movie released. "Turbo" will get a jump start on the other three movies by coming out today. Turbo is the animated story of a snail(voiced by Ryan Reynolds) that wants to be fast. After a super hero style accident, he gets his wish.



"Red 2" looks as funny as the first movie where we saw retired and extremely dangerous spies fight for their lives. I expect more of the same in the second movie.



"R.I.P.D." looks like "M.I.B." with ghosts instead of aliens. So I'll watch it.



Final stop "The Conjuring". It doesn't look terribly original Haunted House plus unsuspecting family equals spooky music and people jumping in the theater. The only unique angle I see is that they want you to believe these are true accounts that the family was just too scared to share until now. You'll have to decide for yourself what you believe.