Price Chopper has a new GAME!!  Saving money and WINNING!  I LOVE IT!

Tune in tomorrow morning to hear Cindy Breslin tell us all about Price Chopper’s new game “Bags2Riches”.  She will explain it better than me I am sure, but here is a little about how the game works.

First, you need a board, the board will allow you to keep track of all your stickers!   Yes, Stickers!  For every $25 you spend at any Price Chopper location, you get 1 game ticket with 3 stickers in, when you spend $50 you get 2 tickets and when you spend $75 you get 3 tickets.

Sean McMaster

Now, you match up the stickers under certain categories.  When you have filled up a category YOU WIN!

Prize’s range from CASH ($75,000 or $250,000), a home makeover, FREE groceries, a vacation, a car and more!

I can’t wait, I already got my first ticket and matched it up!  How about this 1 in 3 tickets reveals a FREE FOOD or discount!  You can also play Bags2Riches on line too!!

Check out all the details at Price Chopper.  Pick up your boards and get your stickers ready!  Let me know if you win!