I'm sure you're familiar with our "Ask the Lawyer" segment on the Sean and Richie show with Tully Rinckey's awesome legal team.  Tom Carr is a regular, and he's also a regular provider of Dunkin Donuts coffee - so much so that we start expecting it from him.  (When I say "we", I guess I really mean "I").  It was high time for a payback.

Actually, here's the deal.  I made a major mistake during one of his recent visits to the morning show.  Tom was running a little bit behind.  We asked on the air when he was going to get there, and I, like an idiot, blurted out something to the effect of "I hope he gets here soon I'm dying for coffee".  Of course Sean and Levack wasted no time chastising me for this rather selfish comment,  and deservedly so.

I felt extremely bad about it, so I asked Levack if he would go with me to surprise this  fine attorney with a generous supply of "Joe" - a Box O' Joe to be exact.  Jeff did the videoing.

Here's how the deal went down.  (This is completely unrehearsed)

Well, now I feel a LITTLE less guilty.  I'm sorry I didn't think about  muffins though.  He brings them too.   We'll send Sean next time!