Have you ever seen a more tense campaign than Donald Trump's? That tension boiled over a little during yesterday's rally.

Albany has been the center of the political universe recently, especially yesterday with campaign visits by John Kasich, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. As you know, the Trump campaign has been stealing all the headlines, especially for some of the negativity that follows the campaign around. That negativity and tension boiled over yesterday at Trump's rally at the Times Union Center.

As you can see in the Times Union Facebook video above, the tension erupted a little bit. On one hand I think it's great voters are showing such passion for a candidate. I think sometimes we as Americans are a little too un-engaged in the political process. On the other hand, this is taking it too far. The beauty of our country is being able to have your own opinion, and you should be able to voice it. And you should also respect someone else's right to do the same.

Can't we just agree to disagree and move on and let the campaign and voting process play out? Hopefully on election day it comes down to the issues, and not the negativity we can see during these campaigns. This is all just a big distraction until we get down to the nitty gritty of the election.