I've been watching the building and development of Troy Kitchen on Facebook and though the local news and I'm so excited to get over there and try the new eatery soon!

Troy Kitchen had it's soft opening this past Friday and according to their Facebook page, and local reviews, it really went great!

Cory Nelson is the proud owner of Troy Kitchen, a gourmet food court at 77 Congress Street in downtown Troy.

In the past few weeks he has announced those three tenants via Facebook, building lots of excitement and generating tons of positive feedback.

The first vendor to be announced was Troy Lobster, founded by Joe Proctor of Troy.  Lobster!!??!!!  Yes, please!

Troy Kitchen will also feature tacos and other Mexican cuisine by Magdalena’s Menu, a current Troy Riverfront Farmers Market vendor. Founded in 2012 and run by Leo Castellanos and his wife, Magdalena, Magdalena’s Menu also has a restaurant in Valatie.

There will also be a Korean barbecue called K-Plate Korean BBQ, born from a popular food cart that does business on the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute campus that was founded by RPI grad John Goh.

There is a wine bar and a coffee house, too!

A Japanese ramen vendor will open soon, along with another coffee house and bakery!

I love that Cory decided which vendors to put into Troy Kitchen based on input from the community on social media.

There is a stage for live entertainment!  Regular free live entertainment will begin on the Troy Kitchen stage. Nelson hopes to host comedy nights, poetry nights and local musicians and DJs every night of the week.

Diners can grab and go, stay for a bit, or sit and enjoy the entire evening!

One of the best parts about Troy Kitchen?? The prices, of course!  Corey's plan is for most of the available items to be under $9.  So, you and your girlfriends or you and a date can go out for the evening and not go broke!

Troy Kitchen’s hours will be 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week. The coffee shop will open earlier, at 8 a.m. daily.

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