If you have a parking ticket overdue in Troy, you may be eligible for a discount!

The Troy City Council is proposing a program that would discount parking tickets by 40 percent! Parking tickets dated January 1, 2009 – March 16, 2016 are eligible for the program.


Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Research into unpaid parking tickets found that the outstanding fines totaled $1 million! Troy officials are hoping to recover whatever they can through the program as every person who takes advantage of the 40 percent off deal provides money the city may not have ever recovered. Troy is currently facing a multi - million deficit, so this program is timely and extremely innovative.

The program will be presented on April 7th and go to a city council vote. If passed, the city will send letters to those with outstanding tickets explaining the program.
Anyone who would like to take advantage of the program has only 45 days, then the ticket goes back to original amount.