We have reached yet another end of a long week, so once again we go back in time to relive a great country song and video with this weeks edition of Flashback friday.

This week we go back to 1992 with a top five hit from one of my all time favorite singers, Trisha Yearwood's "Wrong Side Of Memphis"

The song was Trisha's second single off her second album "Hearts in Armor". It reached #5 on the Billboard charts back in 1992. She followed this one up with the big hit "Walkaway Joe" with Don Henley.

I have always loved this song because it was very different from most of Trisha's tunes. She is mainly known for her ballads, so I love it when she breaks this one out! Trisha is also one of the reasons i got back into listening to country music. When I was very young I heard Alabama, The Statler Brothers and the Oak Ridge Boys played in my house and enjoyed it, but then as i got older i started to rebel against mom and dad's music and started rocking out! Trisha and her now Husband Garth Brooks changed that for me. This song is one of those reasons!

I hope you enjoyed this musical memory and i hope you check back again next friday for another great blast from the past.