Two weeks in a row of TRIPLE coupons!  I think I may have to get some shelves. 

Last week, I spent $90 on over $300 worth of groceries!  I stocked up on paper products!  This week, I am going to stock up on shampoo's and toothpastes!  I can't wait to go again!

On to the deals!  FREE Toothpaste FREE Bread Crumbs and FREE Butter!  I hope you have some freezer room because you will need it for the $.16 frozen veggies,  $.25 Eggo Waffles, and $.99 Atkins meals!  Fill the Fridge with $.25 Greek Yogurt and $.87 Go-Gurt!

Pantry stock ups include FREE Pop-tarts, $.25 General Mills Cereal, $.25 Keebler Cookies and $.89 Kellogg's Cereal.  So many more deals to grab like $.13 Dawn Dish Soap.  I could go on and on, but the list is right below for you.  Check the items you want, print the list and head to the store!

Remember, shelves should be restocked later in the week, so relax had don't worry if you wait to go until Saturday!  That's what I did!

Here is the easy to follow PRINTABLE SHOPPING LIST(I promise all the links work) 

Let us know any additional deals you may find as well!  Share your savings stories with us on Andrea's Coupon Club Facebook Page! 

Happy Shopping!