Here it comes! The latest wave of Internet crazy: #SelfieOlympics a.k.a. #SelfiesGame.

The Kardashians are doing it, your grandma's doing it. Hell, even the President's doing it!  Everyone's taking selfies, and most of them come straight from the bathroom.

Well, the new thing is a Twitter game called #SelfieOlympics or #SelfiesGame where the youth try to out-selfie each the bathroom. They're cooking in the bathroom, riding tri-cycles in the bathroom, sleeping in the bathroom, etc.

Check it out here: @TheSelfiesGame 

Of course, I'm going to join in.  While trying to find the perfect selfie for the Olympics, I experimented a little in our Townsquare Media bathroom. Here's what I came up with...


Are you ready to play?!  Send me your Selfie Olympic selfies and I'll post them!  Good luck!

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