It’s funny, we always wondered just what went on inside the depths of the conductor’s booth of a train or subway. We always pictured it being a place of purpose, a place where a conductor could sit and watch the tracks and ensure the safety of the passengers. 

After watching this video, oh boy, we’re not so sure.

Good God! The guy isn’t even looking at the tracks. Thankfully all is safe ahead. No sir, don’t worry. All is fine. Go back to reading Hagar the Horrible.

Notice as the train approaches a stop, the engineer’s head hardly moves, just barely glancing upwards. It’s only after another announcement occurs that he looks up. The video is 3:38 and for a good 3:30 he’s staring at the Sudoku puzzle.

In case you’re wondering, this is the Metro-North line out of Grand Central Station in New York. What’s a ten letter word for “subway accident caught on film?”