A vehicle that was driving over the posted speed limit on Interstate 787 in Colonie was stopped by New York State Police on Thursday night.


During the traffic stop, an investigation began which led to something other than speeding. Troopers allegedly discovered marijuana and heroin. The suspects that were accused of carrying the pot and heroin were passengers in the vehicle.

Both of them were arrested. They were 56-year-old Nelson Sanchez Baez from Cohoes, and his son, 28-year-old Nestor Baez. Nelson was charged with Possession Of A Controlled Substance, and Nestor was charged with Possession Of Marijauna. Nestor also ended up with a charge of Criminal Contempt because he wasn’t supposed to be near the driver because of an alleged stay away order against the driver.

According to the story from News 10 ABC, ehe two suspects were sent to Albany County Jail. The driver was not charged with anything and released.