If you travel in Albany on Interstate 787 north, and go on the ramp to head westbound on Interstate 90 in Albany, you may want to find another route because of more construction.

If you travel in this area everyday, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The ramp is down to one lane, and will stay that way until sometime in 2012, when all the repairs are finished. It was closed back in October.

Apparently because of a recent inspection of the bridge, there were more unforeseen problems with a water problem on one of the joints on the bridge, which caused more deterioration on one of the concrete piers. From a story in the Times Union, Carol Green who is a spokesperson for the New York State Department of Transportation said that "It's deteriorated enough that we had concerns that led us to close a lane."  This has been, and will continue to cause some major headaches for commuters during the morning and afternoon drive times, which are peak traffic times.

If you have to drive in this area, one possible solution would be to go to exit 6 (this is the Menands exit) of 787, and turn around. Either way, you can expect a longer commute time. Are you one of the lucky people that have to travel in this area everyday?