I had this very interesting conversation with the son of a friend of mine.  He delivers pizza, and was telling me some of the inner workings of the business.  Come on - work with me here.  This is good stuff.

Jimmy works for a small family owned place in the Niskayuna area.  We'll leave it at that.  But he mentioned some interesting tips that I thought I would share.

!.  Don't make any prank calls to a pizza place, because it's so easy to see who it is.  Can you say caller ID?

2. Don't tip less than 10% on a delivery, or you will be a "marked man" (or woman).   20% might give you a better street cred

3  Be ready when the guy comes.  If you are upstairs or in the basement and he's knocking on the door repeatedly, you may find that he's gone when you finally turn the doorknob.  Can't blame him.  If it were you, would YOU wait when you have other orders to deliver?

I went looking for other tips and found out that he basically was mirroring what this article said in Reader's Digest, although I can pretty much guarantee that a kid his age doesn't read that publication, so this may be a coincidence, but there are other pretty interesting things to be aware of, so feel free to read on.  And please, be nice to your pizza guy.  Jimmy- you da man!