Trace Adkins was born on January 13, 1962, in Sarepta, Louisiana. “Dreamin’ Out Loud,” his first hit album was released in 1996. It included the single hits "(This Ain’t) No Thinkin’ Thing”, “Every Light In The House” and “I Left Something Turned ON At Home”.

Prior to Trace’s singing career, he went to Louisiana Tech University, but he never really officially graduated. He took a job at an oil rig. Before he moved to Nashville, he had an accident with a knife, and he lost his pinky finger on his left hand. Just before the doctors worked on it, he asked them to reattach his pinky at a specified angle so he could play guitar.

After the move to Nashville, Trace started to pay his dues by singing and playing in the honky tonks and bars around town. This eventually paid off for Trace, because sometime in the early 1990s, a representative from Capitol Records and signed him up. Some of his other celebrity work includes appearances on “Celebrity Apprentice” “Hollywood Squares” and “Yes Dear”. Some Trace news from Kix Brooks American Country Countdown - Trace will be appearing in a new movie. "Wyatt Earp's Revenge." That will be on DVD on March 6.

Here’s one of Trace Adkins more recent hits, “Just Fishin’”.

Happy birthday to Trace Adkins