Results from toxicology tests on Amy Winehouse have answered nothing.  No illegal drugs were found in her system when she died and it is still unclear what killed the 27-year old singer.  Winehouse was found on July 23rd in her London home.  An initial post-mortem report also failed to explain the cause of death.  However, the tests did show "alcohol was present." 

In a release from her family, her father stated his daughter had beaten her drug dependency, but admitted she was struggling with a control on her drinking.  Though the test results showed no illegal drugs, the report did not state whether legal drugs were found either. 

While fans and gossips speculated at first how Winehouse died, the cause is still a mystery.  Further testing will need to be done to determine how someone so young died.  Tony Bennett is scheduled to give tribute to the singer this Sunday night at the "MTV Video Music Awards."  If you recall, Bennett and Winehouse recorded "Body and Soul" earlier this year for his upcoming album.