This girl is going places, guaranteed.  I'll stake my life on this one.  This 13 year old girl from Westchester absolutely made me fall off my chair.  Dd you see her?  Well you're gonna right now.

Carly Rose Sonenclar is from Westchester, New York.  I didn't catch her on the show, but saw it on YouTube and was absolutely floored by her natural ability.

13!  Did you hear me?  I'm yelling  now.  My keyboard is older than that.  Actually, I shouldn't be surprised.  I'm surrounded by talented kids all the time with the Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tourand they're even younger than Carly.  Check out all of their talents by clicking here.

I really have a great feeling about Carly.  Do you agree?  Leave your compliments and best wishes below.