When you see any pictures of an area that's been hit with a tornado, you can only think how they look like an area that's been in a war. Jake had a blog, complete with videos about this.

The two most recent happened here in the United States. Of course there was Joplin, Missouri, and now Springfield, Massachusetts. As always, our hearts go out to all of the people that were effected by the tornadoes. One thing that's a little different about the latest is that this one hit very close to home. It's less than a two hour ride from the Albany area. Springfield, is close enough to be considered part of our backyard. So far, there are four people dead. Hopefully that number will not increase.

The American Red Cross has sent help to the area, but now they need our help. Not with volunteers for this one, but with cash. Here's the address: American Red Cross Pioneer Valley Chapter, 506 Cottage St., Springfield, MA 01104. Remember, these are our neighbors.