Today I'm off on another Readin', Writin, and Rhymin' Tour .  I'm going to Yates Magnet School in Schenectady.  This is a return visit for me.  Always have a good time there.  But this time I'm trying a grand experiment!

I keep seeing these websites, magazine articles and the like telling us what the most popular Christmas gifts are for different age groups .   Here's an example.  I got on yesterday, and they listed what they consider their top picks.  Here are a few:

And there are many more on there.  So here's what I'm doing.  I am asking the Yates kids in advance to list the toys that they want for Christmas, and we're going to make a song out of it.  I will then compare and contrast with this list and see if the adult marketers know kids well enough.   This will be fun.  I'll let you know the results!