Alright, ladies!  Here it is.  According to "Redbook" magazine, men like certain classifications of outfits on us women more than others -- go figure! Of course, you would presume one of those outfits would be scantily clad lingerie, however; that did not make the cut.  Surprisingly enough, these are actually outfits you can wear out of the house and even to work!  And, they could just drive either that co-worker in the next cubicle over from you nuts or the guy you've been hanging out with a lot on the weekends.  Here are the top four "looks" a group of 50 men liked the best (in no particular order):



#1) Sweat Pants That AREN'T Baggy:

Men of course like the tighter look best because, well you guessed it, tighter pants show off more curves than baggier pants.  As much as guys love a girl they can take out to a fancier dinner or date and show her off, they also want a low maintenance girl who can just hang out and not worry about slathering on more make-up.  This is probably why they love the sweat pant look -- any girl willing to sport their sweat pants has got to be down to earth.

#2) Dresses:

The "Redbook" pool found men dig a woman in a dress.  It doesn't even have to be a cocktail dress or something over the top.  The simple black dress or sundress won more votes than an incredibly embellished, trendy dress.  Once again, assuming a form fighting dress would be more popular than a flowy, flirty style dress.

#3) Jeans with a White Tank Top:

A very casual and down to earth look -- guys like it probably because its simple.  This is the one look the guys surveyed didn't prefer tighter pants over looser ones.  They actually preferred regular blue jeans that said "it's casual, but sexy."

And #4) A Pencil Skirt with High Heels:

Go figure -- this is of course, referred to as the secretary, librarian, airline stewardist look.  I'm sure there's many more occupations this look is inspired or associated with, but guys like the look of a smart and sexy woman all in one package.

One more tidbit, ladies.  Also, according to this survey, guys are not fans of the boyfriend jeans look.  It was definitely one of the looks that ranked the lowest.

So guys, to do our own bit of local surveying, do you agree with the list?  Is the female outfit you crave the most on here or is your fav unlisted?  I'd like to hear what you like to see women wear the most.