I  honestly thought this blog was going to go a completely different direction. I thought this was going to be the biggest hassle ever - trying to to throw out my old paint cans, cleaning chemicals and the like.  But it went pretty smoothly, and I learned a few things. 

Here are just a few of the things in my basement that I've wanted to dispose of for months.  I finally got the chance on Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day in Schenectady County.  



This particular day was sponsored by the S I Group.  I've seen their huge office building in Niskayuna and never knew what they did.  I guess they manufacture resins and other chemicals, but are pretty responsible and want to make sure that you use household chemicals in the safest way.


At the County Public Works Facility at 100 Kellar Ave in Rotterdam I have to say hey were very efficient.  You didn't even have to get out of the car.  People unloaded your nasty old smelly chemicals and paint for you.  What a thankless job!

One worker handed out a flyer everyone a tote bag with this flyer in it.  While sitting there waiting,  I saw some interesting tips for keeping everyone in your home healthy. Here's just a few.


1. Did you know pesticide dust can remain in your house for an entire year?  You should wipe your shoes off and wash your dog's feet when they come in.  (We've never done that, have you?

2. Keep cleaning products, drano, bug sprays etc sealed and in original containers, and never mix them up.

3. You can get asthma or rashes from products that combine cleaning and disinfecting.  The added scents that they put in can trigger reactions

4. Soap is better than bleach with surfactants or perfumes.  A surfactant allows the liquid to spread easier.   It's not important.  Soap does just as well if you put a little bit of regular bleach in it.

5. Don't use antibacterial soap with Triclosan in it.  They don't kill cold viruses.

If you are ever unsure of what is poisonous and what isn't, call 518-386-2225 or go to www.schenectadycounty.com/hhw 

(Info taken from S.I. Group flyer)