Summer is almost over! I hate saying that. The good news is there is still all of August.

In case you were looking for some classic fun things to do with your kids, here are the top 5 activities all kids should experience before the summer is over.

I have done 3 of them so far. I count camping as backyard camping.

1. Go to a baseball game – With the Valley Cats right in our area, this is one summer activity we can all check off our list.
2. Backyard camping – All you need is a tent and an imagination! This can be so fun with your kids!

3. Make s'mores – YUM! Everyone should make s’mores every summer!
4. Have a water balloon fight – As long as you keep it under control and you don’t become the target, it’s a great way to keep cool during these hot summer days!

5. Play Frisbee – This is fun for the whole family…parents, kids and dogs! Everyone can play!


Tell us about your your summer must do’s! What do you like to do with your kids during the summer?