The top 5 most popular Halloween candy list is out!

Yes, that’s correct, there is a list of this year’s most sought after candy by kids this Halloween.  I know, kids will accept whatever candy you give them, but here is what they are really looking for cording to Delish.

I’m just trying to help everyone here, keep the kids happy and the parents from having their house egged! (Does this still happen on Halloween?)

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

5. Butterfinger Bars Fun Size – Butterfinger bars make the list year after year. I secretly think the parents like this one.

4. Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups – What kid doesn’t like these!

3. Milky Way Fun Size - Caramel, nougat, chocolate—what's not to love? And frozen, yum!

2. Brach's Candy Corn – It shocked you, right? This is one of Halloween's most debated sweets, and is apparently still very popular with kids. Do adults still like this?  How did this make the list?

1. Kit Kat Snack Size – This is a favorite in my house too, so I agree with this one!

Happy Halloween!