Everyday when I come to work Levack has all the "show prep" stuff laid out for me to look through. Included in that pile of stuff is the "stupid news", these are real but odd news stories of the day. Usually there's at least one, maybe two that make you go, "thats just not even believable!", but you know they are true. Today it was a gold mine of creepy unbelievable stuff. So, since I couldn't just narrow it down to one story to share with you , I will give you my top 5 bizarre headlines of the day.

5. An unemplyed guy will let you hunt him down for $10,000, for an extra $2000 he will do it naked.Let me be clear here, he means hunt to the death, the ultimate sacrifice. The proceeds of course going to his family. I can only assume he wants to see this opportunity to more than one hunter.

4. A woman is arrested when police find $110,ooo worth of stolen bull spermatoza in her garage.

Well, where would you keep it? Duh.

3. The newest state fair food: a dried maggot grilled cheese sandwhich.

This is not a joke it will be served at the California State Fair this year. Remember the last time you siad, " they could deep fry anything and it would be awesome!", guess not.

2. A song writer is arrested for choking his girlfriend after she got mad that he had never written a love song for her.

The details of this story are pretty sparce but I do know she is ok, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't like the song he would have written anyway. Possible titles:

"Every breath you don't take", "Strangled up in blue", "The Choker", etc.

1. A woman has been arrested for drugging her husband, cutting off his "junk" and throwing it down the garbage disposal.