It's apple picking season!  Here are my top-5 ideas on how to eat all those apples you picked!

Sean McMaster

This weekend, Caden went apple picking with his grandparents and cousins.  He came home with so many apples, we don't know what to do with them all.  So, we sat down and figured out some really fun things to create with apples!  Now, we know you can make apple pies, that's a given, but here are some cute ideas I have never tried and can't wait to!


5 - Betty Crocker's 3-Ingredient Apple Dump Cake.  How good does this sound and how easy is this to make? Literally three ingredients! Apples, cake mix and butter! Yum!  We may have to make a few of these!

4 - Apple Pie Baked in an Apple - How cool does this look! You make the apple pie, right in the apple! I can't wait. And it's only five ingredients! I bet we can all make these!

3- Apple Pie Bites - Andrea found these on Pinterest! Amazing how people come up with these things, right? I mean a crescent roll, apple slice, nuts and cinnamon and BAM..Apple pie!  Can't wait!

2 - Fun with Apple Slices! - Check this out - slice the apple, use a cookie cutter to make a design in the middle and you have two fun snacks. The slices with the shape in the middle and the actual shape! Great for lunches too!

1- Caramel Apples - These are my favorite! I can't wait to make caramel apples. Now, you can make these whole and bite in, or cut the apple in slices and dip.  Either way they are so good. Kids and adults love them!

So, there you have it, fun things to do with all those apples you have now that you've been apple picking. Have fun!