I DJ'ed  a really unique wedding this past weekend.  Hey, I've done them in huge banquet halls, houses, VFW halls, and even on a yacht around Manhattan once.  But there's something really intimate and cool about your good old outdoor wedding (this time at a campground near Beckett, Massachusetts., actually!)  I have the top 5 advantages belowHere you go, folks.  My weekly top 5.  This is in no particular order, by the way.  This list is dedicated to Sabrina and Mike Taylor who are now man and wife.  It's pretty easy to overlook all the preparation that it takes to do something yourself like this.  It's a "carry in, carry out" affair, as you can imagine, so they had to bring in all the food, beverages, even all the chairs (they did the ceremony right there as well) .

Ok, I digress.  Here's the list of advantages..

  • 1

    No Fancy Signs Needed . This Says It All!

    Hey- keep it simple. What else do you need to say?

    photo by Richie
  • 2

    Much More Creative Freedom - Cupcake Station!

    Yes, they had the traditional cake, but they also set up this really nice cupcake area, with a real personal message on the little blackboard.  Hell, it's outside! You can do what you want!

    photo by Richie Phillips
  • 3

    No Waiting For The Wait Staff

    What wait staff? It's an outdoor buffet. YES!

    photo by Richie Phillips
  • 4

    You Can't Play Corn Hole In A Hotel!

    'Nuff Said. Can YOU say "fun time" ?

    photo by Richie Phillips
  • 5

    The People Are Nicer Outside

    I made that part up - these people would be nice ANYWHERE. Congrats to Sabrina and Mike!

    photo by Richie Phillips