If you are like me, you dread Christmas shopping. I always have a hard time with getting the perfect gift. Maybe I can help. I can't tell you what to get for that certain someone in your life this year, but I may be able to help you with what NOT to get.

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According to a new survey I found at Easier.com, a lot of couples have big fights over bad presents, and 1 in 20 actually break up over it! Don't be a statistic my friends. We went over the top 10 bad gifts that men give women , and the top 10 bad gifts women give men on the air today.

I think maybe we can all learn a lot from these rules of thumb, but remember everyone is different and the are always exceptions to every rule. If you missed it this morning, I have broken it down to both groups, listen to the one that applies to you , and maybe it will help get you on track for present buying this year, and listen to the other one and let me know if you agree.

Men: Don't buy women any of these things:

Women: Don't buy men any of these things: