This is shocking (rimshot, please), but the amount of tasters being used and abused is causing concern.  It also brings back a song parody I once did (and probably should be tasered for myself!

According to an article in the Pocono Record, the NY Civil Liberties Union looked at over 800 incidents, and according to the report:

In 75 percent of the cases, police gave no verbal warning to the suspect before using the stun gun, even though experts recommend such a warning. Even more frightening is that in more than one third of the cases, police inflicted prolonged or multiple shocks.

Not arguing with the article here, but this does raise a slight red flag in my mind. Until you read the background of each case, how can you immediately slam police officers and their "reckless use"?

Maybe it was irresponsible behavior on their part, but I'd still personally like to have all the facts-just saying!  And you do want a police presence to be a deterrent, don't you?  If they are hampered from using anything, don't criminals get the upper hand once again?  .

I've covered this issue on the air  in song before, so I thought I'd attach it here just for "you know whats and giggles)  Hopefully you get some giggles.  This is a parody of "Fever", by Peggy Lee.    I don't do a great Peggy Lee impression, as you will hear.  Perhaps I deserve a taser for this!

What's YOUR thinking on this?  Do you think that it should be outlawed?  What you you propose as an alternative?  Would love to know (Don't say the billy club-that's been tried!)