Nascar is getting ready to rumble in Daytona for 2011. Jimmie Johnson will not be the champion this year.

Nascar has been hard for me to watch and get into the past couple of years. The main reason is that my favorite driver Jeremy Mayfield has been banned for life.

To equate this if the NFL dissolved the Oakland Raiders I would never watch football again. If MLB got rid of the Atlanta Braves I would never watch another pitch of baseball. You team is your team period.

In Nascar individuals are the team.

I have been trying to get back into Nascar again and if I am going to become a big fan of this sport ever Tony Stewart needs to win a championship this year. He's got an edge, and an attitude that makes me laugh and he always runs hard out there.

If the Packers can knock off the Steelers than Stewart can send Johnson packing this year too.

Who's your favorite driver?