With the Daytona 500 less than two months away, NASCAR star Tony Stewart is looking forward to his return to driving as he recovers from the surgeries that were performed to fix his leg that was badly broken in a sprint car crash back in August. 

Although he won't be driving, Stewart returned to the race track in his native state of Indiana on Friday for the Rumble in Fort Wayne indoor midget races. Stewart has won a record nine features at the track and looks forward to competing in Fort Wayne on the weekend after Christmas every year.

Despite missing being able to drive himself this year, Stewart said that he enjoys spending time at the track and watching the two cars that he owns compete. Tony Stewart Racing is fielding two cars.

One of Stewart's good friends, Lou Cicconi, the 2013 International Supermodified Association Champion, will wheel the No. 2 car that Stewart would normally have raced. Stewart's longtime teammate, Mike Fedorcak, will be aboard the other TSR racer.

In Friday night's action, a local driver from Indiana, Russ Gamester, who is just shy of his 49th birthday became the oldest Rumble in Fort Wayne winner in history. The Rumble continues tonight.