You've seen these people before - guys at parties who play the kazoo or do duck calls with their mouth and the like.  You've never seen anything like this though - NEVER. 

His name is Tom Thum and I happened to see him on The Ted Network.  If you've never seen the "Ted" stuff, you should check it out.  They have an app which will let you access hundreds of educational lectures.  What makes this educational?   Well, I'd surely love to learn how to do it, wouldn't you?   How would you know?  You haven't seen it yet!!  Check out this "beat boxer" on steroids and then decide.
 I actually had to watch it multiple times to figure out how he did it.
Hysterical, huh?  Can you recreate a trombone, bird, drum or the like using this same technique?  Maybe we will do this on the air someday!