Let this be a lesson to anyone out there who doesn't recognize the names of some of the "up and comers" performing with Dierks Bentley at this year's Countryfest.  All of these people where unknowns once.  Check out these photos.

photo by Richie Phillips

This shot was taken back in 2010 by yours truly.   Steve Caporrizo was a bigger star than he was!  (I'm not knocking YOU, Steve - we all know you're a superstar)   Blake was definitely on the rise, but not a household name by any means.

from poster

This was Blake from 2006! He appeared on the Countryfest bill then too!  Definitely an unknown!  This and the following shots are reprints from our Countryfest posters hanging in the WGNA hallway, by the way.  Continuing...

from poster

Here's Keith Urban, who's coming to our Taste of Country Music Festival! , came to Albany in 2006~  I remember joking about his name at the time, asking "How can a guy with the last name of URBAN think he will make it in COUNTRY?  Shows what I know!

from poster


And finally  Here he is!  Circa 2011 - one Dierks Bentley.  "Dierks WHO? ", we said back then!  Look at him now - headliner with multiple Grammy awards.

I guess my point here is not to downplay any of the names you see on the bill this year or ANY year.  They are on tour for a reason, folks.  Mark my words - you'll see their name in lights someday!

Tickets are still available for Countryfest 2015, by the way .  Here's the pertinent info!