Having discovered that today has been set aside to honor unsung heroes, I thought I'd tell you about one I just read about. Keep in mind I think heroes come in all shapes and sizes and to me, they don't have to do something extraordinarily heroic like run into a burning building to save a cat. I think the unsung heroes who do something special  in their day to day lives to improve the life of their fellow man. Maybe it's the guy who volunteers at the youth center and got the kids to clean up the city park, maybe it's woman who saved the school play by spending hours and hours at her sewing machine to make costumes the kids couldn't afford, or maybe it's a guy like, Reggie Anderson.

On Black Friday, Carrie McNeese went to the mall with her $500 she saved up to buy Christmas gifts for her children and 11 grandchildren. She had her money in an envelope and after she had spent $200 of it, she lost the rest of her money. She went looking for it but it was gone. Like most of us I guess she figured someone found the envelope and took the remaining $300.

What she didn't know is the envelope was found by a JC Penney security guard named Reggie Anderson. Reggie initially try to find the owner of the money but apparently Carrie never went to Mall Security to report her loss. Most would have just forgotten about finding it's owner at that point and waited to see if they ever showed up to claim their lost funds. Not Reggie.

Reggie read the list of people and gifts that was in the envelope that held the money and noted that it was written on a piece of paper with "Stewart Title Company" on it. He then on his own time scoured through hours and hours of video tape to see if he could find the person "drop" the envelope. Eventually he did. Then Reggie made a still photo of the woman and sent it to  title company and called to ask if they knew who she was. They did. Turned out Carrie was a regular customer of theirs and they gave Reggie her number.

Twelve days after she had lost that money, and had long since counted it as gone, Carrie received a phone call from a simple mall security guard named, Reggie telling her he had found her $300 and she was welcome to come pick it up.

So there you go, that to me is a hero, if not to you, definitely to Carrie and I bet, her 11 grandchildren this Christmas. Reggie went far and above what was expected of him just to , do the right thing. So Reggie Anderson of Billings Montana, you are my unsung hero for today.

God Bless