Today is "National Puppy Day."  So if you're able to go home on your lunch break, why not pick up your pup and spend some extra time with them today?  Aside from being out really late last night for Country Karaoke at Vapor in Saratoga, I had every intention of bringing one or both of my pups with me to the studio this morning.  However, it seems like my one Jack Russell Terrier, Paisley, was just as tired as me.


If you think your boss will have a problem with this holiday, just pull up this blog and prove to him or her that it's a nationally-honored day.  Plus, you can also tell them Carrie Underwood brings her dog to work with her.  If Carrie can do it, why can't you, right?  Carrie sent out a tweet the other day via Twitter:

"Guess who came to work with me today??" 

Why the picture shows Carrie in the middle of a field, is beyond me, but maybe it had to do with either shooting part of a new video or just taking them out to do their business.  Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go!