Pi is that ridiculous math equation from high school that nobody remembers, cares about or has ever had to use in most of day to day life since the day it came out of your math teacher's mouth.

I still remember my teacher saying Pi equals 3.14 blah, blah, blah to infinity. There is no whole number that equals Pi, it just goes on forever. Well, to make something ridiculous even more ridiculous there is now a literal "National Pi Day" in America and it is today.

I think that the geeks who came up with the cast and scripts for "The Big Bang Theory" on CBS must have come up withthis one. Don't lose any sleep over it folks. Somewhere out there right now is a room full of drunken mathematicians with pocket protectors hoisting a pint of a local micro brew at Yale and screaming "Long Live Pi"! Good luck with that. LOL