I'm very excited.  Nothing better than a good barbershop quartet, and when it comes to this kind of music, the Albany area leads the way.

Ever heard of Saratoga's Racing City Chorus?  Sure you have! It's an institution around these parts. I did some googling and found one of the quartets who participate.  They are called Primrose Lane,

(Bud Woolsey, Gary Glidden, Joseph Cutshall-King and Chuck Packevicz)

These guys are no novices, by the way.  They were voted the Northeast Senior Quartet Champions. I talked with Gary Glidden, dying to get an audio clip from them, but they didn't like the one recording that they had of themselves.  I'm sure it would have been great no matter what they sent me, but I didn't push the subject. You can check them out on their Facebook page, however, to read more about them.

Yes sir- Barbershopping is still going strong.  It might be the original "Glee".  Ok, I'll admit -I borrowed  that line from Time.com.  They did a feature on the subject recently that is very cool.

So here on Barbershop Quartet Day, we salute these great singers, and urge you to go out and support them the next time they perform somewhere in our area.    You can also go to www.barbershop.org for more information and to hear performances.