Today is Armed Forces Day.  But it's not a day that seems to get tons of attention.  America's men and women in uniform deserve more.

Today is a day to honor and acknowledge Americans in the armed forces. It is a day to thank our troops and their families for their service.

The observance of Armed Forces Day is meant to increase public understanding and appreciation for the Armed Forces of the United States. 

The first Armed Forces Day was celebrated on Saturday, May 20, 1950. The day expressed the unification of all military forces under one government department - the Department of Defense.  

President Harry S. Truman led the effort to establish a single holiday for citizens to come together and thank our military members for their service in support of the nation.  President Barack Obama has issued a Presidential Proclamation once again declaring the third Saturday of May as Armed Forces Day.

Armed Forces Day is celebrated nationwide with parades, open houses, receptions, observances and air shows.  If there is something planned in your town, get out and support it and remember to thank all members of our military for everything they do to keep us safe.