You may want to consider doing something special today or something memorable. Today is a unique day because of its date - December 13, 2014.

Today is 12/13/14 - the last time this century that you can write the date with three sequential numbers.

Since this has already happened 11 times this century, it may not seem that significant. But when you think this is not going to occur again until January 2, 2103 (01-02-03) it may make the date a little more special to remember.

Of course before that we have some similar date numbering. Consider January 2, 2034 which will likely be written 1/2/34 and January 23, 2045 which will be 1/23/45.

And if you're really looking forward to special date numbering you are probably counting down to April 3, 2021 when it will be 4-3-21.