It's amazing what can be done with the new generation of tablet computers.  I absolutely love my iPad.  You can create documents, view photos, watch movies, catch thieves.....say WHAT?  You heard me!  Check this out
  It seems a woman spotted a thief robbing his mother's home by setting up a webcam that could be monitored by an app.  Look what she saw.

Pretty amazing, huh?  That would surely be upsetting to pick up your iPad and SEE that, but it surely could be yet another great reason to buy one!

A Source For Very Cheap Computer Cables

Have you ever purchased a new TV and they try to sell you on HDMI cables to go with it, only to find out that they are like $40 or more?  Don't get taken!  This website is amazing.  I found a 6' cable for about $10.00 with shipping.  And there's really nothing to be worried about.  A digital cable either works or it doesn't, there's no in between.  It's digital. (I don't get a kickback for this, by the way.  This is just my personal experience.  This site has EVERYTHING!

                   Quick Computer Tip #2  I found a great tip on

This happened to me. I got yelled at for this.   To send an e-mail to several people at once without showing all their addresses at the top of the e-mail, use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) box in your e-mail client.