This time of year, you get to watch a bunch of movies you don’t really see the rest of the year.  There are a few on the “don’t miss” list and a mix of older classics and new.  What are your favorite holiday movies that you look forward to year after year?



Scrooged (1988) – Bill Murray stars in this modern retelling of the classic Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.


A Christmas Story (1997) – How can you miss Ralphie shooting his eye out, or the little brother who won’t eat unless he’s showing mommy how the little piggy’s eat?






Elf (2003) – A grown man dressed as an elf.  It’s got to be funny.




A Wonderful Life (1946) – What would life look like if you never existed?  In this classic, an angel shows a frustrated businessman what his life would have been like without him.



The Polar Express (2005) – A fully digital film, The Polar Express will fill you with the spirit of the season.  Tom Hanks performs five computer-animated characters for this movie.