With tonight's Powerball Jackpot reaching $500 million we all want that cash. Here are a few tips that might help you take home the big payday. Now if you do win remember who told you all of this.#1 Your lucky numbers have just as good odds as the numbers randomly selected by the machine. So make sure you play your lucky numbers. Imagine how you would feel if they hit and you never played them?

#2 This next expert tip is tough for me because my lucky number is seven but don't pick common lucky numbers because more people will play them. So basically one to 31 will be played more because they are birthday's. You want to pick more obscure numbers so you share the jackpot with less people.

#3 The only way to really increase your odds is to buy more tickets however that doesn't increase them as much as you would hope so follow the number one rule of gambling and only spend what you can afford to lose.

#4 Don't pick the same numbers every Power Ball drawing.

#5 This is a pretty big one, if you're in a lottery pool take pictures of the tickets you bought for the group and the ones you buy on you're own. I don't care how close you are you will fight over $500 million.

All this being said good luck tonight, because honestly it all comes down to luck.