Spring forward this weekend!

We all know the saying (“Spring forward, Fall backwards”) when it comes to changing the clocks twice a year. Well, it’s Spring, so it’s time to Spring forward.

Sunday, March 13 at 2 a.m., all clocks should be moved forward one hour to 3 a.m. Most of us tend to just change our alarm clocks before we go to bed. It’s not such a chore anymore to physically change the clocks, most of our phones and computers just change themselves. But, boooo, we lose an hour of sleep!

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

This time of year is the worst for me. If you are like me, every hour of sleep is crucial to me. I need my sleep. It takes me about a week to really get used to the time changes. Andrea calls me crazy, but I really think the time change hits me hard. She will say things like, “Just take an hour nap and you’ll be fine.” I told her she is wrong and now I have the proof.
Well, maybe not proof, but there are tips all over the internet on how to deal with the time change, so clearly it’s NOT just me. So, I felt I needed to share these not only to prove I am right, but to help my friends deal with the time change.

According to tulsakids.com, here are some tips to help us all deal with springing forward:

1. Start now. As Daylight Saving Time approaches, start getting your child to bed a little earlier each night. Start a relaxing routine rather than trying to wear your child out before bedtime. An overtired child is usually more difficult to get to sleep.
2. Gradually start shifting nap and bed times a few days in advance to help them adjust to the new schedule. You can start on Thurs. night by moving your child’s bedtime earlier by 15 minutes each night.
3. If your child is waking too early, tell your child that it’s too early to start the day and encourage her to doze, or stay in bed doing a quiet activity until time to get up. You might put a clock by the side of the bed and show your child how the clock will look when it’s time for him to get up.
4. Be flexible. It generally takes about a week for everyone to adjust to a time change, so be patient with your grumpy child or cranky baby.

And another important tip: change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.