I was a bit surprised when Chris Young's record label re-released his song "Voices" this year.  The song climbed the charts in 2008, but only reached #37. 

Chris then scored bigger hits with "Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song)" and "The Man I Want To Be."  Believing that "Voices" could have been a much bigger hit, if more people were familiar with Chris, his record company re-released the song.  Now, in February 2011, a song that barely got airplay 3 years ago is now a Number one hit.  What are the reasons?  I really don't know, other than that maybe people were more familiar with Chris and gave the song a closer listen.  Honestly, I think the song was strong enough to get to Number one the first time around!

What some people may not know is that this is the second time in Country Music history we have seen this happen.  In the fall of 1985, an unknown artist by the name of Randy Travis released a song titled "On The Other Hand."  The song only got to number 67 and was considered a flop.  Randy's record company then released his second single "1982," which got into the top 10.  Then, much like Chris Young's story, the label felt that Randy could have a hit with his debut single now that more people were familiar with his name.  So, in 1986 "On The Other Hand" started it's second journey and reached Number one in just fourteen weeks after it's re-release.

Just remember these success stories the next time that you fail at something the first time around.  Hang in there, timing is everything!