It's not too late to donate to Casey Danton's Over the Edge experience.  Help me raise $1,000 for Special Olympics of New York. I'm up to $175 so far and any little bit you can donate will help me reach my goal.  All you have to do is go to my donor page.  Not only do I need to hit the $1,000 mark, but I also need to see how much support I can get to go up against sports geek Brian Noe, of "The Noe Show" on 104.5 the TEAM.  Him and I will be going to rope-to-rope down the side of the Crowne Plaza to see who can get to the bottom faster.  I do weigh about ten pounds lighter than him (he's a small man) so I think I might have a slight advantage.  Even so, knowing I have a bunch of WGNA listeners as my "safety net" will only make me more determined to rapel down those 18 stories.

Last week, Noe had Kaila Horton from Special Olympics come in to his show and on go on the air.  In that segment, he referred to me as "Crusty" Casey Danton.  Despicable.  I will rebut his name calling by making a guest appearance next Tuesday at 1:30pm.

Also, don't forget you can sign up to go Over the Edge as well.  All you have to do is go to the recruit's page.