This morning on The Sean and Richie Show we discussed the Tim Monette situation that was escalating in Northville.

Tim is a high school senior with cancer who loves to play basketball.  Tim is currently being tutored at home, yet remains a basketball player for the high school's team.

Word got out last night that Tim may be ineligible to play, and #LetTimPlay started trending on social media.

WGNA obtained a press release from Superintendent, Dr. Debra Lynker on the subject -

"Last night (1/15/14) High School principal Mariah Kramer questioned Tim Monette’s eligibility to play basketball, given that the district policy requires a student be in attendance on the day of the game to be eligible to play. She responded fairly and properly by letting him play last night and telling his parents that she needed to investigate this further in the morning.  Never did she say definitively that he could not play.

After consulting me and the school’s attorney first thing this morning  it was decided that the home tutoring  he is receiving constitutes the requisite attendance and as long as he has a doctor’s clearance for each game, he may be eligible to play.

It is unfortunate that misinformation circulated through social media before it could even be resolved properly."

Dr. Debra Lynker

Superintendent of Schools

We are so happy that Tim will be able to play, and all of us here at 'GNA wish him the best in his recovery and on the basketball team!

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images