Sometimes there is a song that I get asked about all the time.  That song right now, is Tim McGraw's "Humble and Kind".  It seems like any time I'm out and about, some always says, "Hey, what's that new song with all the good advice in it?"

Well, it's Tim's latest hit single inspired by his daughter's leaving for college.  And, soon it will become a book... and just in time for you to gift it to the graduates in your life!

The bound edition of "Humble and Kind," will feature the lyrics to the song along with illustrations and an introduction by Tim himself.  It will hit shelves May 17.

Lori McKenna, who wrote the lyrics, contributed an epilogue to the book.

And, if you don't already love Tim McGraw enough, check this out - he is donating proceeds from the book to charity!

Here's the video for the song -